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Theft Deterrent Tips For Your Home or Business

Use these tips to help prevent theft from either your place of business or home.


Know your thief. Most thieves aren’t equipped with super advanced electronic gizmos—they carry a screwdriver and maybe a crowbar. A thief’s most expensive housebreaking tool is likely a non-descript moving van.

Drive or walk around your neighborhood with this low-tech mindset. Given only a screwdriver, how would you get into your neighbor’s house? Into your own house? You quickly realize that the easiest places to get in are the ground level doors, followed by the ground level windows on the back or sides of the house.

Use this knowledge to figure out the best spot to place a home security camera. You’re looking for a place that covers a vulnerable area and is visible to a thief casing the place for a security system.

Buy a fake home securuty camera that looks so real that you could swear that it works. A good fake has all the exterior features of a real camera, down to the cable and power leads.

Get whatever tools you need to install the fake home security camera in your chosen location. Make sure that any fake power leads and cables (if present) connect in a believable way to the mounting surface.

Check the alignment of the camera. Your fake home security camera will do you no good if a burglar notices that it is looking at the sky and not your back door.

Keep an eye on the fake home security camera. Repair damages to the camera and trim back branches that block the view to keep the deterrent value of the fake camera up.

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